Norcon Communicator TTU-1DX-L remove
Description: Part Number : Norcon Electronic Communicator TTU-1DX-L 
TTU Talk Thru Window Intercom System 
NORCON TTU1DXL 12V DC Thru-Glass Two-Way Electronic Communicator with lithium ion batteries and removable XLR michrophone is a self-contained, easily installed device that allows clear, intelligible two-way conversation in locations where security must be maintained. The unit is automatically activated when the clerk speaks for hands-free operation. 12V DC battery powered bullet resistant model Available.
Installation is a simple, one-person operation. The unit is mounted into a 3-4 inch cutout in the barrier. All hardware and cables are supplied including a continuous-duty, 100-240 V battery charger adapter with 15 V output. Please specify barrier thickness when ordering.
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Part Number Norcon Electronic Communicator TTU-1DX-L TTU Talk Thru Window Intercom System