Norcon Communicator TTU-3DX-L remove
Description: Part Number : Norcon Electronic Communicator TTU-3DX-L 
TTU Talk Thru Window Counter Top Intercom System
The Lithium-ion Battery-Operated TTU-3DXL for Portability and When Cutting a Hole Isn’t Practical.
The TTU-3DXL is a simple way to provide clear and high quality communication through glass or any barriers of any kind. This battery-operated unit allows for these units to be moved to various locations. It’s perfect when portability is a concern.
TTU-3DX Series is the best choice when it’s impractical to cut a hole through an isolation barrier. The prism shaped units are mounted on a countertop on both sides of the barrier and allow hands-free, clear communication. 
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Part Number Norcon Electronic Communicator TTU-3DX-L TTU Talk Thru Window CounterTop Intercom System