Round Clear Vision Bullet Resistant Speak-Thru Level 3 remove
Description: Part Number: CLD103 
Round Level 3 Bullet Resistant Laminated Polycarbonate Clear-Vision Speak-Thru. The unit is easy to install. Just drill a six inch (152 millimeter) diameter hole in the bullet resistant window, surrounded by three 5/16 inch (8 millimeter) holes spaced at 120 degrees on a 7-1/2 inch (190 millimeter) diameter (template included). Then secure the 10 inch (254 millimeters) Acrylic or Laminated Polycarbonate Disc using the Brushed Stainless Steel Studs provided with the unit. The space between the window and disc allow for clear voice transmission. The 10 inch (254 millimeter) disc provides enough overlap to prevent direct entry of projectiles.